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We use instruments being reconstructions or replicas of medieval instruments:

  • JomsvikingSaga

  • Saz — a long-necked lute; it comes from the Near Eeast areas (it was born in Persia) and it's been known and used for three thousand years.
  • Byzantyne lyre — also comes from the East; it came to Europe through contact with Byzantium. We made a reconstruction of the instrument on the basis of the iconography and descriptions of reconstructions made abroad.
  • Drum made of goat's leather - one of the oldest and known all over the world instrument. Now it's used as bodhran in Irish folk music.
  • Davul - a large drum with many names used in many countries and regions: davul (Turkey); daul, tapan, tupan (Bulgaria); tapan (Macedonia, Serbia); tabl (Arabic countries); daouli (Greece); lodra (Albania). This instrument was irreplaceable during all kind of ceremonies.
  • Gusli - the name of this instrument is of Slavic origin. It was first mentioned in 591, when Greek Theophylaktos Simokates described an instrument used by Slavic people of Kievan Rus'.
  • Sopilka, flutes - all flutes/fifes were commonly used in the Medieval times.
  • Kemence - comes from the Black See region of Asia Minor. "Kemenche" is a Persian word which means "the small instrument played with a bow".