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Percival was formed in 2005 during the XI Slavs and Vikings Festival in Wolin. After finding suitable instruments ( one of them – rebec – was made by Mikolaj Rybacki) and creating their first compositions, band played at various historical festivals in Poland. Wolin is the place where Percival gives shows every year.

In 2006 Joanna Lacher joined the band. At first only as a vocalist, then also as a drummer. During the next few years, Percival gave shows in many places not only in Poland but also abroad: like in Sweden or in the Isle of Man main city – Douglas.

In 2007 Percival recorded the first official album: "Eiforr". One year later the second album – "Oj Dido" - was released.
In 2009 musicians of Percival along with Radbor formed "Slavonic Myth of Creation". The project recorded and released one album and played a dozen or so concerts in Poland and abroad.
Percival didn't forget about their own project though. The band became more popular and regularly played at most bigger festivals and historical events in Poland.

In 2010 another person joined Percival. It was Christina Bogdanova from Russia. She started as a vocalist, then became also the main drummer.
In 2011 the band released the third album – "Slava – Songs of South Slavs". It was the first of three planned albums with Slavic music. "Slava" was promoted during the "Slavny Tur" tour – Percival's first club tour ever (February-March 2014). Percival gave shows in such cities as: Wroclaw, Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk and Poznan.

In 2012 the Percival established cooperation with the well-known Polish musical producer. The idea of the "Rownonoc" project was to mix Slavic melodies and sounds with hip-hop rythmes. In April 2013 the album became a Diamond Record. The project – without any doubts - succeeded largely due to instrumental and vocal melodies created and recorded by Percival.

In 2013 Percival was invited to take part in much bigger production – making soundtrack to "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" computer game. During a few days the band recorded sounds of all their instruments and vocals of all band members.
The premiere of "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" is planned for February 2015.

At present, the band works on the new album: "Slava II – Songs of East Slavs". The premiere is planned for August, at XX Slavs and Vikings Festival in Wolin.