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Slava II - Songs of East Slavs

  • slava2

1. Матрëшка / Matrieshka
2. Маpічко Чичер і / Marichko Chycheri
3. Ярило/Jarilo
4. Клик весна / Klik vesna
5. Блoгослови Матe / Blagoslavi Mate
6.Чёрна галочка / Cherna galochka
7. Ой ти місяцю / Oj ty misjatsu
8. Rosa
9. Медуница / Medunitsa
10. Тому коса / Tomu kosa
11. Листочку червений / Lystochku chervenyj
12. А ты мыла / A ty myla
13. Зозуля / Zozulja
14. Конь / Kon
15. На Ивана / Na Ivana
16. Ой y лиси / Oj u lisi

Mikolaj Rybacki – vocal, long-necked lute, mandoline, bouzouki, percussion instruments;
Katarzyna Bromirska – vocal, Byzantine lyre, sopilka, cello, percussion instruments;
Christina Bogdanova – vocal, dulcimer, percussion instruments;
Joanna Lacher – vocal, percussion instruments;

Recorded at unIQ Sound Studio in December 2013
Mixing and mastering - Marek Dziedzic @ unIQ Sound Studio
Record producer - Percival & Keyff.MS
Cover project – Zuzanna Chańska
Photos by Katarzyna Kaczmarek i Marcin Somerlik

"Slava II" presents small fragment of the huge collection of East Slavs songs - songs of Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians and Lemkos. They are - in many cases - ritual songs, rooted in pre-Christian times. Lyrics of those songs have usually symbolic meaning, based on Slavic mythology and traditions. During their work on the album, the band was supported by Lada Cherkasova - Russian expert in the field of Slavic songs and rituals.

Slavny Tur - Live in Wrocław

  • Slavny Tur

Track list:
Intro: Słyszę / Sargon
1. Jadą konie
2. Gusta mi magla
3. Del Berino
4. Cziorna Galoczka
5. Sowa
6. Dziewczyna Swarożyca
7. Blagoslavi
8. Postrzyżyny
9. Primorkinja
10. Ludasim, Pajtasim
11. Naranca
12. Karanfilce
13. Pasla
BIS: Slayer / Stefanismus

Katarzyna Bromirska - Byzantine lyre, sopilka, vocal;
Christina Bogdanova - davul, bodhran, vocal;
Joanna Lacher - bodhran, vocal;
Mikołaj Rybacki - long-necked lute, davul, vocal;

Songs arrangement: Percival
Mix & Mastering : Marek Dziedzic - Uniq Sound Studio
This album was recorded in June 2014 in Wrocław.
Cover project: Zuzanna Chańska
Photos: Marcin Somerlik

The first live album of Percival, recorded in Uniq Sound Studio during the last, special band show of Slavny Tur 2014 tour.
On this album you can find most popular songs of Percival, including those never recorded on any previous albums.


  • Oj Dido

Track list:
  1. Gusta (Serbia)
  2. Delberino (Bulgaria)
  3. Karanfilče (Serbia)
  4. Vrsuta (Montenegro)
  5. Lazare (Bulgaria)
  6. Korita Ivanova (Montenegro)
  7. Ne orji, ne sejaj (Slovenia)
  8. Naranča (Croatia)
  9. Žali Zare (Serbia)
  10. Ljubav se ne trži (Croatia)
  11. Šta to radiš (Serbia)
  12. Karanfile (Bosnia)
  13. Dve nevesti (Macedonia)

Katarzyna Bromirska - bizantyne lyre, cello, sopilka, vocals;
Christina Bogdanova - davul, bodhran, vocals;
Joanna Lacher - bodhran, vocals;
Mikołaj Rybacki - long-necked lutes, davul, bodhran, darabuka, vocals, percussion instruments;

Song arrangement: Percival
Production: Mikołaj Rybacki
Recorded at : RedBaaron Studio, FGPS Studio
Mastering : Tomasz "Teka" Kucharski, tekamusic
Recorded in June and July 2012 
Cover project: Zuzanna Rybacka

„Slava!” is the first of three albums with music of Slavic people. On the album you can find songs from all countries populated by South Slavs.

Although Percival, as a group, reenacts early medieval period, songs on the album are certainly much younger. But it is likely that they have their roots in older times as they tell stories about universal themes – love, work, nature, war and fighting etc.

Oj Dido

  • Oj Dido

Track list:
  1. Slysze - intro - 3:10
  2. Tam pod borem - 4:09 - listen to mp3
  3. Chumak - 3:34
  4. Postrzyzyny - 3:06
  5. Dziewczyna Swarozyca - 5:46
  6. Virum denze - 3:14
  7. Sargon - 4:25
  8. Miesiac - 3:30 - listen to mp3
  9. Ievan - 3:47 - listen to mp3
  10. Goscie - 3:29
  11. Jomsborg - 3:18 - listen to mp3
  12. Sokół - 4:20
  13. Pasla - 2:20 - listen to mp3
  14. Slysze - 4:23
  15. Oj dido - 6:26

Katarzyna Bromirska- byzantyne lyre, cello, sopilka, vocal;
Joanna Lacher- vocal, davul, bodhran;
Mikolaj Rybacki- saz, electric guitar, vocal, percussion instruments;

Recorded at RedBaaron studio in 2008.
Mix & mastering - Mikolaj Rybacki.
Cover project - Kornelia Rybacka/3angleStudio.


The second record of folk-medieval project Percival - "Oj Dido". We can expect more energy and more vibe of the Early Middle Ages. Fifteen tracks show various aspects of life 1000 years ago. You can find here joy and sadness, feast and fight, everyday work and mystical contact with gods. You can hear sounds of northern seas and long viking ships, south-eastern steppes and horses' hooves, Slavic pathless tracts and fire in safe hut. Clang of iron and shout of warriors who die in defence of their land. The premiere of the album took place at XIV Festival of Slavs and vikings in Wolin - 01.08.2008.


  • Eiforr

Track list:
  1. Saga - 3:53 - listen to mp3
  2. The feast - 3:58
  3. Au majho - 2:05
  4. Medieval song - 3:28
  5. Jare - 3:25
  6. Caldemeyn - 2:30 - listen to mp3
  7. The moonrise - 2:28
  8. Mikligardr - 4:16
  9. Drioma - 3:25
  10. East dance - 4:27
  11. Allan's song - 2:55 - listen to mp3
  12. Lazare - 2:30
  13. Oj dziwczyno - 3:33
  14. Staroża - 3:28 - listen to mp3
  15. Celtic dance - 3:52
  16. Eiforr - 2:13 - listen to mp3

  • Katarzyna Bromirska- byzantyne lyre, sopilka, vocal;
  • Joanna Lacher- davul, bodhran, vocal;
  • Mikołaj Rybacki- saz, mandoline, vocal;
Recorded at RedBaaron studio in 2007.
Mix & mastering - Mikołaj Rybacki.
Cover project - Kornelia Rybacka/3angleStudio.
  Photography - Zuzanna Rybacka.


Our intention is to try to reconstruct the Early Middle Ages culture and traditions, instruments and music of Slavic and Scandinavian people, and especially these ones who has been living more to the East. We try to play music that people used to play at those times, mostly on the basis of the knowledge of instruments that contemporary artists have used. It is obviously impossible to reconstruct accurately music of the Early Middle Ages. However, we try to create an atmosphere which was able to exist at those times. As a band with quite rich experience, we have an opportunity to look at the problem from the artistic side also. Maybe, owing to this, we will be able to find the same emotions that contemporary people used to feel and show it with our instruments and singing to presentday enthusiasts.